Go cashless with TreezPay


Why use TreezPay?

Skip your ATM run before making a delivery or pick-up purchase. Join TreezPay to make secure, convenient and fast payments. Save time with this digital payment solution and make a purchase right from your phone.


Pre-pay and avoid worrying about getting cash


Quick & easy  SMS one-click payment option for a quick and easy process


Your personal information is encrypted and stored securely


Pay fast after setting up your account with a one-click option from your phone



You might be wondering…

What is TreezPay?

TreezPay is a digital cashless payment solution that saves our customers time. TreezPay is a secure and fast payment option for all online orders, for both pick up and delivery.

How do I sign up?

After completing your order, confirm TreezPay as your payment method. Next, you’ll receive a text with a secure link to finalize on TreezPay. First-timers will need to connect and enter banking information into your account. After that, for all future purchases all you will need to do is confirm the amount!

Do I have to enter my banking information every time?

TreezPay will store you information securely in your account, so you’ll be ready to go once you log in when making a purchase.

Are there any fees for using TreezPay?

Nope, there are no additional fees for using TreezPay for payment.

Can you use TreezPay on delivery orders?

Yes of course! Don’t worry about having to get off your couch or leave your house to swing by an ATM.