Cannabis Ann Arbor

cannabis ann arbor

Cannabis Ann Arbor

Back in the day, the main term for cannabis was marijuana. Now, it is referred to as cannabis, reefer, bhang, weed, pot, and grass…these are all names for the same thing. Obviously, we know cannabis is a plant. But, what is cannabis flower that you see on dispensary menus nowadays? Most dispensaries refer to weed as “cannabis flower” on their menus and that’s exactly what it is. When you see little green buds in jars or bags that is what is called the “flower.”

If you are looking for cannabis in the Ann Arbor area, you are in luck! You can walk into our store and get the lowdown on our cannabis flower selection, which ranges in potency and power. Our knowledgeable budtenders can explain the different types of cannabis flower we carry and allow you to see, touch and best of all SMELL the flower before you purchase it. We will explain it all in depth so you will understand what you are purchasing and what to expect from your cannabis experience.

How to Choose Cannabis in Ann Arbor?

Just like different varietals of wines…there are different varietals of cannabis. So, cannabis grown in different areas will usually look, taste, and smell different than those grown in other areas. They will also have different effects when ingested. When you come to Tree House 603, our knowledgeable budtenders can describe the different types of cannabis and help you choose the type that is best for you and your specific needs.

We can help you choose a flower based on the type of affects and level of intensity you are seeking. We will let you explore the depths of the different types and will help you choose one or more types to purchase. For instance, if you are looking for something to help you sleep, you will likely choose something different than if you are wanting to feel energetic and upbeat during your next high!

Sound exciting? It should! There is so much depth to cannabis and we love sharing all the types, colors, and smells with our customers. We look forward to helping you find something that best suits you!

How Do You Tell the Difference?

The different varieties will look and smell different. They smell different because they have different types of terpenes, organic compounds found in plants that have smells. Terpenes are also found in lemons, grapes, and trees. Sound confusing? It’s OK! Our budtenders are extremely knowledgeable of all the strains of cannabis we carry and will be able to explain what you are smelling and what type of high you should expect from each strain.

Ready to Shop for Cannabis in Ann Arbor?

If you are ready to learn more and smell your way through an incredible cannabis dispensary, come see us Tree House 603. We changed the provisioning center experience and would love to show you how buying cannabis in Ann Arbor should be! Other related products we carry include edibles, vapes, pre-rolled joints, tinctures and body creams.