Ann Arbor Dispensary Menu

ann arbor dispensary menu

Ann Arbor Dispensary Menu

Welcome to the leading cannabis dispensary in Ann Arbor! Our menu consists of the highest quality cannabis products, hand selected by our experienced budtenders. We touch, smell, and taste every item on the menu so we understand the flavors and intensity of each flower, edible and concentrate.

If you have questions about our Ann Arbor dispensary menu, please call or come in and see us today!

Adult Use Menu

At Tree House 603, we have an extensive adult use menu, bringing you the highest quality products, including:

  •         Cannabis Flower: our cannabis flower menu is extensive and covers all types of cannabis flower. If you are unsure of what to get, we encourage you to come see and more importantly, SMELL, the different types of flower we offer. We partner with the top brands to bring you the most beautiful, aromatic, cannabis flower around. Brands we carry include: Classic Roots, Clout King, Common Citizen, Exotic Matter, Golden Harvest, Grown Rogue, Gud Nuff, High Life Farms, Pleasantrees, Puraflos, Redbud Roots, Root Weaver and True North Collection.
  •         Edibles: edibles are the perfect alternative for people seeking the benefits of cannabis without having to smoke it. Our range of edibles bring different types of highs and can help reduce stress and anxiety, promote relaxation after a busy day and assist in a deeper sleep. We have a wide variety of edibles on our menu, including gummies, soft chews, chocolates, cookies, and brownies.
  •         Vape: we take pride in providing a wide variety of vape products, ranging in THC potency and flavors. We carry vapes from the following lineage: Indica, Sativa, Hybrid and CBD and will have something for you!
  •         Pre-Roll: our pre-roll menu includes a range of hand rolled Indica and Hybrid pre-rolls. If you want the ultimate pre-roll smoking experience, choose something from our menu! Some of our faves include Hybrid Diamond Dust, Hybrid Purple Ghost, Hybrid Road Dawg, Hybrid Cookies and Cream, Indica Blue Dream x GMO, Indica White Cookies and Indica Rainmaker. Check out our full pre-roll menu!
  •         Topicals: we carry several topical creams and body butters from the leading brands. Our menu includes topicals from the following lineage: CBD, Indica, and Sativa.  
  •         Extracts: we carry several extracts on our dispensary menu from Pleasantrees, Redbud Roots, Classic Roots, Chief, Humblebee and Redbud Roots. Some of our favorites are Hybrid Strawberry Guava by Redbud Roots, Sundae Driver by Chief, Member Berry by Classic Roots and Gorilla Glue by Redbud Roots.
  •         Tinctures: we offer several tinctures on our dispensary menu from the best brands on the market, including Choice, Mary’s Medicinals, Select and Urban Roots.

Medical Use Menu

If you have a medical condition that requires relief from medicinal marijuana, browse our menu of products. We offer the same lineup of cannabis flower, edibles, vape, pre-rolls, topicals, extracts and tinctures on our medical use menu as we do on our adult use menu.

Our staff picks for our medical use menu include:

  •         Hybrid Watermelon gummies made by Wana, 100 mg (they come in a 10 pack)
  •         Sativa Blue Raz Dream gummies made by Choice, 100 mg
  •         Hybrid Black Cherry dark chocolate by Kiva Collections, 100 mg
  •         Indica Snoop Dawg cannabis flower by Redbud Roots

For our complete Ann Arbor Dispensary Menu, browse our store or stop by our shop! We would love to help you pick something special from our menu!